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Organizations with retiree medical benefits.

Employers who offer retiree health benefits are currently paying far too much for the coverage! With health care costs rising every year employers and individuals have to pay more or reduce benefits to continue affording coverage.

At AIM we have developed a platform which can significantly reduce the cost of retiree health benefits without reducing benefits for retirees.
  • Former employer can finance plan with monthly contributions.
  • Retirees cannot be denied coverage.
  • Retirees have access to licensed agents to educate them on choices.
  • Medicare Supplement plan F allows retiree to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare at no out of pocket expenses..Organizations without retiree medical benefits
  • Our educational service is no cost to your retirees.
  • Retirees will receive individual attention to their needs and desires.
  • We represent many of the insurance carriers and will shop the market to find the best policy for your retiree’s needs.
  • Inform your retirees of existing state and federal assistance plans such as PAAD and Senior Gold.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your retirees benefit from this exciting opportunity.

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